Our voice that calls the Buddha is Buddha’s voice that's calling us.

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Vu Lan 2015

Note: For non-speaking Vietnamese, please read A brief introduction of the “Vu Lan” day (also known as the Buddhist Mother’s day)

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Album 1: Chuẩn bị cho ngày lễ Vu Lan
Vu Lan’s preparation

Album 2: Ngày lễ Vu Lan: Công phu sáng
Vu Lan day: Early morning chanting

Album 3: Ngày lễ Vu Lan: Trước giờ làm lễ
Before the Ceremony

Album 4: Lễ Vu Lan
Vu Lan’s ceremony begins

Album 5: Lễ Qui-y trong ngày Vu Lan

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