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Giant Jade Buddha to Start World Tour in Vietnam

The statue, called The Jade Buddha for Universal Peace, measures 3.5 meters (11.48 feet) tall, including the lotus base and fan throne, and weighs 4.65 tons.

The statue is modeled on the Siddhartha Gautama Buddha inside the Mahabodhi Stupa in Bodhgaya, India.

It is carved from an 18-ton Nephrite jade boulder called Polar Pride, first found in Canada in 2000 and considered the world’s largest piece of pure jade.

The statue’s initiator, Nepalese Lama Zopa Rinpoche, said it would illuminate the world and bring peace, happiness and solace and help prevent destruction, including war.

Rinpoche, who had reportedly dreamed of a shining jade boulder in Canada before the discovery, persuaded an Australian Buddhist named Ian Green to carve the Polar Pride into a Buddha.

The rock was transported in late 2006 from Vancouver, Canada to Bangkok, Thailand, where Thai sculptors finished the statue a full two years later.

The statue started the world tour in March 2009, after the Blessing Ceremony in Thailand. Vietnam was the first country to receive such an honor to welcome the Giant Jade Buddha for Universal Peace. The giant statue first visited Quán Thế Âm (Avalokitesvara) Temple on the occasion of the Goddess of Mercy Festival, March 13th-15th, 2009.

The statue will be traveling to other Temples in Vietnam before going to Australia.

According to VietNamNet/SGGP, the 18-ton jade boulder was worth US$1 million, and the statue was sculpted by 27 Thai and Australian artists at a cost of US$1.2 million.

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