Linh Son Temple – Windsor

Our voice that calls the Buddha is Buddha’s voice that's calling us

About Temple

Linh Son Temple
Linh Son Temple (please click on the photo)
706 Goyeau St.
Windsor, ON N9A 1H6 – Canada View Map
Tel: 519-254-2646

Linh Son Temple of Windsor, a Registered Non-Profit Charity Organization, has been located at the current site of 706 Goyeau St. since August 2005.

Established in 1980’s as a private gathering-place-of-worship for the first generation of Vietnamese Boat People in Windsor; then accredited by the Linh Son Head Quarter in Paris, France in 1990. Linh Son Temple Windsor has expanded three times, each with a bigger and better facility, with the current worshippers in the 1000’s, from Windsor & Essex County to Chatham, Lodon, …. ON, Detroit, Grand Rapid, …. MI.

Besides conducting the annual religious ceremonies of the Buddha’s birthday, Goddess-of-Mercy anniversaries, Vu-Lan Mother’s day (Mục Kiền Liên), etc. for worshippers, the Temple also serves as a Community Centre for South East Asian population to celebrate the Lunar New Year (Spring Festival), Moon Festival (Autumn Festival), Year End Festival, etc.

The Temple is also functioning as a Training Facility for future Bhikhus and Bhikhunis (Monks & Nuns).

Linh Son Temple Windsor is managed by a five-volunteer-member Board of Directors and spiritual leadership of Hon. Rev. Thích Trí Thoát.

The Sangha of Linh Son Temple Windsor currently has 3 Bhikhus, 2 Sages and 6 Sagenis.

Tăng đoàn của Chùa Linh Sơn Windsor hiện nay gồm có:


Hon. Bhikhu Thích Trí Thoát (Viện Chủ)


Bhikhu Đồng Nguyên (Trụ Trì)


Bhikhu Đồng Giới



Sage Đồng Từ


Sage Đồng Độ


Sage Đồng Hiếu


Sageni Dung Hạnh

Ni Đồng Thiện

Sageni Đồng Thiện


Sageni Đồng Thanh


Sageni Đồng Tịnh

Supported by the Volunteering Committees of Operational Committee, Ceremonial Committee, Religious Study Committee, Social & Cultural Committee, Research & Advocate Committee, and Service & Development Committee

Linh Son Temple
706 Goyeau St.
Windsor, ON N9A 1H6 – Canada View Map
Tel: 519-254-2646

76 thoughts on “About Temple

  1. Vovi meditation or: Principle of nam mo a di da phat are the most of popular methods Buddha give us this generation: live healthy happiness long live no more virus cancer cell kill the people. Keeps your religion and more practice the new methods you are on the way to stay on the ground heaven or after this life Buddha will save you soul go to the heaven land never die reborn again
    Vegetarians and chant: nam mo a di da phat by Vietnamese language are the key to open the heart the power of energy to connect with the big flash power circle of energy of Buddha, everyone’s have the same of him in the soul( heart-mind).Request anything help from Buddha or depends on anyone’s you can not open the power of energy, you have nothing power of energy and the ghost evil ghost satin will followings to you, never request anything help from Buddha or anyone’s because the law from him are fair for every human and all of the animals live under the water and over the land, they will come home go to the heaven later on
    ALways thinking Buddha are the flash power circle of energy. The 6 words of vibratory of nam mo a di da phat are the same vibrational of the universe, if you chant different you are limit your power a lots, everyone’s have Buddha in the soul(the heart). If anything you read on the bible you did not understand what does it meaning? please do not repeat never keeps in the mind because that’s not belong Buddha, the truth by Buddha are clear to understand for everyone’s, if you to do so you can not go to the heaven land this life or you will not stay on the ground heaven soon Buddha can not save your soul or your body because you do not have power of energy go up to connect with him
    You also check on google website:
    Vo vi meditation – Meditation vo vi – vo vi – Principle of nam mo adi da phat Nguyen ly nam mo a di a phat
    Master Tam Aka Vi Kien
    Congdang-Siloams prings, Arkansas..facebook
    Congdang – Cong dang

  2. Is there English translations for this site Thanks Jan

  3. Hello,
    Ive been intrested in Buddism for some time and really to not know very much and would like to know more and am intrested in visiting your place of worship and learning and applying what I can. I would appriciate all information you could give me or where I could go to learn.
    Thank You!

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