Linh Son Temple – Windsor

Our voice that calls the Buddha is Buddha’s voice that's calling us

Giant Jade Buddha for Universal Peace


The Giant Jade Buddha for Universal Peace

Please click picture to enlarge / Nhấn vào hình đểm xem lớn

one of the largest and most magnificent Buddhas ever carved from gemstone-quality true jade. The Buddha, including lotus and throne will be nearly 3.5 metres (11.4 feet) tall. The Jade Buddha has been carved from one great boulder known as “Polar Pride”. It is a wonder of the world.

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A few pictures of the Giant Jade Buddha

3 thoughts on “Giant Jade Buddha for Universal Peace

    A Di Da Phat!
    Co phai la lich trinh cua pho tuong Phat Ngoc di khap My va the gioi khong?

  2. Xin xem phim PHẬT NGỌC này, gồm tất cả 11 video, tự động chuyển qua video mới. com/watch? v=-1P-dZ_ yqi0&feature=PlayList&p=607E122C0C50BD0E&index=0&playnext=1

  3. Con nghi neu bat ky ai co phuoc duyen nghe thay THICH TRI THOAT tung kinh deu phat tam qui y PHAT.
    Con nghe thay tung kinh 48 LOI NGUYEN ,vua nghe
    vua khoc . Cau nguyen PHAT pho ho THAY giu mai duoc lang hoi phong phu va suc khoe kien toan ho tri chung con tu.
    Namo A DI DA PHAT

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